This pages includes some historical information about the pipes organs currently or formerly on the Occidental College campus. 

Mildred Miles Crew Memorial Organ
Margaret Brown Herrick Memorial Chapel
Schlicker Organ Co. (1966)
III/P, 59 ranks, 50 stops

Thorne Hall Organ
Belle Wilber Thorne Hall
Skinner Organ Co., op. 819A (1930/1938)
IV/P, 64 ranks
Installed at Occidental in 1938

Georgina Milligan Skjeie Memorial Organ
Alumni Chapel, Johnson Hall
Los Angeles Art Organ Company, op. 49 (1905)
Installed at Occidental  in 1955
Rebuilt by Pipe Organs, Inc. in 1961
1905/1955: II/P, 12 ranks
1961: II/P, 19 ranks
No longer extant

Douglas Wright, Jr., Memorial Organ
Choral Rehearsal Room, Booth Hall
Kenneth R. Simpson (1961)
II/P, 14 ranks, 12 stops
No longer extant

Music Building Organ
Organ Studio (also known as the Music Chapel and Bird Studio), Music Building
The Hall Organ Company (1930)
II/P, 10 ranks
No longer extant